These are examples of what the Sokki product looks like:



Click here for a Sokki display manual in PDF form:

Sokki Manual (5.10mb)

Here is the same file in smaller parts in Win-RAR form:

Sokki DU100 Part 1

Sokki DU100 Part 2

Sokki DU100 Part 3

Sokki DU100 Part 4

Sokki Electronics digital readout division is no longer in business. Most units can be repaired.

We do not sell sokki parts. We must test each repair to insure that all parts we replaced are working properly. This would be impossible if we sold parts directly.

To send your unit in for repair, please ship it with your contact information to:

 Linear Measuring System

 675 North Euclid Street #454,  Anaheim, Ca. 92801

Phone Number: 877-376-4373 or 714-321-6592

Fax Number: 714-772-1871



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