Linear Measuring Systems Company offers the following:

**NEW** Fagor Innova digital readout system

This system list price is $1195.00.

The scales are high precision glass scales not some flimsy rod that has not been

 checked for accuracy with a laser!

This system can be retrofitted on a Bridgeport Series I  machines, Lagun or the import copies of these machines.

The brackets could be modified to work on other machines.

The complete system includes the following:

A operations manual, 2 axis display, 2 linear scales and mounting hardware.

The scale resolution is 5um &10um / 0.0002" & 0.0005"

Please choose from the following systems:

Catalog Number:  Prokit-942

12 x 30 Milling System:  12"x 30" Travel for 9" x 42" Bridgeport Series I mill and the off shore copies.


Catalog Number: Prokit-949

12 x 36 Milling System:  12" x 36" Travel for 9" x 48" Bridgeport Series I mill and the off shore copies.


Catalog Number: Prokit-1054

16 x 36 Milling System:  16" x 36" Travel for 10" x 54" Lagun FTV Series mill and the off shore copies.


The PROKIT Includes:

  • A 2-axis Innova Digital Readout (DRO) with 5 and 10 m. resolution (0.0002" and 0.0005")

  • Universal Power Supply.

  • IP 54 (DIN 40050).

  • Two Scales with 10 m./m. 0.00012"/ft.) accuracy and 3 m. (10 ft.) cables.

  • A Digital Readout (DRO) holding arm.

  • Brackets and screws to mount the scales.

  • Installation and Operating manual.

  • All this packaged in a single box.

Digital Readout:
In a sturdy industrial casting aluminum case.

  • State of the art VSI technology.

  • DISPLAY-OFF mode.

  • Auto Calibration

  • Advanced error detection system

  • Speed & Limit alarms

  • Multi-point compensation

  • Linear Hole Cycles

  • Bolt-Hole Cycle

  • Arc Cycle

  • Table cosine (sag error compensation.

  • Fine/Coarse display resolution selection from keyboard:
    0.005/0.01 mm. (0.0002"/0.0005").

  • Direct mm./inch. conversion.

  • Part Centering.

  • Axes count Reset (to Zero).

  • Position preset with Recall.

  • Operation in Absolute and Incremental

  • Position value HOLD as assistance in tool change and part measuring.

  • Auto-Test.

  • Data battery back-up.

  • Selectable AC Power voltages:
    110/120/220/240 VAC (+10%-15%).

Mechanical Specifications

  • Reader head movement on roller bearings

  • Accuracy: 10 m./m. (0.00012" /ft.)

  • Maximum speed:
    60 m./min. (197 ft./min.)

  • Maximum vibration:
    30 m./sec. (3G)

  • Moving force: <1Kp.

  • Sealing protection: IP 53.

  • Ambient temperature:
    0...50C (32...122F).

  • Storage Temperature:
    -20...+70C (-4...148F).

  • Weight: 0.58 Kg. + 0.6 Kg./meter.

  • 3m. (10 ft.) cables protected with metal tubing and plastic covering.

I know the picture shows a three axis system but that is what Fagor supplies to the public. If you don't like it or understand it, give Fagor a call and tell them to change it, don't call or e-mail me. I already know it shows a three axis display.

The brackets supplied are for BP Series I mills and Lagun mills and will work on copy mills.


System comes with a 2 year Mfg. warranty.

Property is sold "New". Seller "Warranties property and condition is as described".


Downloadthe installation manuals here:

Display Arm installation Instructions

Scale Mounting Hardware Instructions



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